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Why hello there, hooligans and whippersnappers. I’m proud to announce that my brother and I (the creators of Potluck Comics) have launched a t-shirt company:


The State of Potluck Comics

Potluck Comics has just turned six months old! In the half year since launch, we’ve showcased 107 comics submitted by a variety of obscenely talented folk from all corners of the earth. We’ve run four contests and handed out $1,550 in prize money.

My brother and I are beyond proud of Potluck Comics and we hope to keep running cash contests for a long, long time. In fact, we’ll be announcing the start of a new cash contest tomorrow.

But despite the success of Potluck Comics (650,000+ unique visitors), we haven’t made a nickel. From day one, we made a pact to never clutter Potluck with hideous ads and we’re going to stick to it no matter what. That being said, we’re nearing a point where we won’t be able to continue awarding prize money to the best performing comics unless we start making a little dinero. That’s where LLAMA FISH comes in…

You Can Help Save Potluck Comics

Here’s the deal… We want nothing more than to continue holding contests and giving out prize money to the best comics submitted. So far, we’ve awarded $1,550 to a handful of unbelievably talented folk, and we hope that’s just the tip of the iceberg. But, times are tough, and our bank account is running low.

So, to help keep the cash contest tradition alive (we’d actually like to increase the amount of prize money we give out), we’re asking you to check out our t-shirt store. Our designs will make you smile like a sea otter and they’re only printed on the highest quality American American Apparel t-shirts.

If you’re a fan of Potluck, we’d appreciate your support. If you simply enjoy badass t-shirts, we encourage you to check LLAMA FISH out.

10% Discount

We love each and every one of you, and so here’s a 10% discount code for LLAMA FISH: Kangaroo

Our Shirts

Shirt 1: View in Store

Commemorate the extinction of those massive creatures that once roamed this ball of spinning ice we call Earth.


Shirt 2: View in Store

You can now own the most interesting shirt in the world.


Shirt 3: View in Store

Ain’t no party like a juice box party, cause a juice box party don’t stop. But seriously, next time you attend a party, bring your own box.


Shirt 4: View in Store

Slavery has run rampant on the planet of Tatooine for far too long. Come together and rise up with this stylish tee.

If Potluck Comics has ever brought  joy to your magical face, we ask you to please check out our selection of badass shirts

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