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Submit a Comic

Submitting a comic to Potluck is easy peasy and every artist we feature will automatically have a shot at a $300 prize.

Here are our rules for submissions, please read them carefully:

  • We ask that you submit your very best work and we will publish the best submissions from all received.
  • Only comics in the humor category will be considered for publication.
  • Anything you submit that’s published on Potluck Comics can’t be published on any other online comic or submission site prior to submission or afterwards. Everywhere else you want to post your comic is fair game.
  • For every comic published here, out of respect for the artist, we’ll integrate the artist’s name into the bottom left corner of the comic.
  • Please send us your bio (discussed below) otherwise we might be forced to publish your comic without it.

Regarding the bio: There’s an “about the artist” section at the end of each comic where you’ll write a short bio and leave up to two links to your sites and provide us with an avatar if you like. Please include the aforementioned in your submission.

All you gotta do to submit a comic is send your best work to this email address: potluckcomics AT Gmail.com

We look forward to seeing your submission and celebrating your fine work.


I like money… tell me more about this $300 prize! 

For a chance to win 300 buckaroos, all you need to do is submit a comic to us from January 25th – March 26th.

If your comic is published, you’re automatically in the running to win the $300 prize.

How are winners determined?

Our goal is to reward the comic that is most enjoyed by the masses. We contemplated holding a worldwide election, but it turns out the United Nations just doesn’t get us.

So in order to be as fair as possible, we’ve created an algorithm that will declare the winners based on social media output, number of comments, and total page views.

What are my odds of winning?

Under no circumstances will more than one comic be published each day. During the last contest, only 21 comics were featured. So, if your comic is showcased on our site, you will have a real shot at the pot of gold.

How do I enter the contest?

Simply send your original comic to potluckcomics AT Gmail.com