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Submit a Comic, Win $300

Submit a Comic, Win $300

Happy January 24th, comrades!

It’s that time again. Yes, I speak of the dawn of a new cash contest.

The new contest begins tomorrow. It will run run from January 25th – March 26th and the winner shall be awarded $300. Everyone is eligible to submit a comic, including any previous featured artists. You can also submit multiple comics this time around.

The premise remains the same: Submit a comic to us (potluckcomics AT Gmail.com), and if it tickles our funny bone, we’ll publish it. At the end of the contest period, our very fancy algorithm will decide which comic has performed the best and has had the biggest impact on the interweb. Our hope is that the best, most funny, most glorious comic will prevail and win the $300.

How many comics will be published during the contest?
It completely depends on how many quality submissions we receive. The last contest ran for the same length of time, and we only published 21 of them. The bottom line is that if you send us a great comic, your odds of winning the 300 clams is pretty good.

Prize breakdown
* 1st place – $300
* 2nd place – A guaranteed spot in the following competition.
* 3rd place – A guaranteed spot in the following competition.

Note: We’d actually prefer to give out even more prize money, but times are tough. We’ve recently launched a t-shirt store to help raise prize money for future contests. If you want to help our contests become even bigger and better, check out our t-shirt shop, LLAMAFISH!

How exactly will the winner be decided?
Our algorithim takes the following factors into account:

* Social Media Output
* Total Page Views
* Overall Interweb Impact

See you all tomorrow. And may the best comic win!

Potluck Comics

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