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Cash Contest Winners Announced!

Hear ye, hear ye ! ! !

The first official Potluck Comics cash contest has come to a close and now it’s time to announce the winners:


1st Place: Mikiko Ponczeck

Comic: Timing is Everything

Prize: $300 Smackeroos

Acceptance Speech:


I feel I should start by apologizing to Potluck Comics about the many times the site was down which was caused by my dear friends and fans yesterday with their enthusiastic voting.

Without these crazy, wonderful people, I would have never made it.

Thank you all very much!

Many thanks to Potluck Comics for this opportunity!

2nd Place: Jenny Clements

Comic: High Five!

Prize: $100 Clams

Acceptance Speech:

Hooray! Happy days, thank you so much for all your support! I was really touched by how much this was shared around and glad it gave you good giggles.

Congratulations and laughs all around and thank you to Potluck comics for sharing the humour and talent. Well done everyone!

3rd Place: Lydia Butz

Comic: Space Whale

Prize: $50 Bones

(Still awaiting acceptance speech)

4th Place: Antonia Pinnola

Comic: Ready For The Beach

Prize: An Andrew Jackson ($ 20) + A guaranteed spot for the next competition!

Acceptance Speech:

Thank you so much everyone for helping out (even though all of this was kinda last minute).
I plan on trying again next month ^^

Potluck Comics congratulates the winners!

And we also want to thank everyone who submitted a comic to us, without you, we’d be nothing.

On Thursday we will announce the details on the next Cash Contest!

Be there or be nowhere.

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