Llamafish Tees


Welcome to Potluck Comics. An online comic created by… well, you.

What is this thing?

Potluck Comics is a submission-based comic. It’s a place to showcase funny comics created by the ridiculously talented and creative people that frequent the interweb.

A new comic will be featured each and every day. (Provided there are enough quality submissions to go around.)

How are comics chosen?

A complex algorithm named Chester determines which comics are of the highest quality.

Chester isn’t particular to a specific art style or type of humor. If it makes him smile, it will most likely get published.

All comics that are not X-Rated or overly offensive will be considered.

I done heard I can make $500 by submitting a comic!

You done heard right. We’re offering cash prizes to the best comics submitted to us between August 15th and October 15th.

For the full scoop, click here.

How can I submit a comic?

Email us at potluckcomics AT Gmail.com with your original comic attached.