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Comic Contest Winner Announced: And the $500 goes to….

Hear ye, hear ye ! ! !

The third Potluck Comics cash contest has ended. Now it’s time to announce the winner and hand out the $500 prize…


Winner: Rebecca Kinsella

Comic: Get Back in the Kitchen

Prize: $500

Acceptance Speech: 

I’d like to thank the academy….. but really FB, without the spamming I put you through, I never would have succeeded, nor without my very lucking timing submission to tumble, whos views blew me out of the water! I have to admit, there were people far more deserving, but thank you to those who commented/liked/veiwed/stumbled and tweeted!
xx bec

Potluck Comics congratulates Rebecca Kinsella!

We’d also like to thank everyone who submitted a comic to us. Without you, we’d be absolutely nothing.

In the coming days we’ll announce the specifics on the next cash contest.

Be there or be nowhere.

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